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Academy of Special Dreams Foundation welcomes a new artist


San Gabriel Valley

Alhambra , CA United States

Lisa, at age 52, has never spoken in her life. She communicates with sign language. Her birth mother is Grandmother Lorindra, one of the Elders of our tribe. I have had the honor to sit in her Sacred Sweat Lodges here at Harbin. Following the guidance of Spirit, Lisa became my pupil and started to paint with me. She took the brushes in her hands for the first time only one year ago. We communicated through pure love and acknowledgment of each other’s presence. As Lisa acquired her new tools of vocabulary and communication, we became witness to her silent unpredicted wellspring of vital movement and ferocity of color. Lisa’s art expresses the whimsical nature of a state of Being which most of us will never know, as she was born deaf and has brain damage. She has mastered the practice of contemplation. She now delivers a body of work abundant in movement and expression through her indomitable brush-strokes.

It is an honor to the Academy of Special Dreams Foundation to welcome Lisa Lipton as part of The Academy’s family! The Academy of Special Dreams believes that all persons, regardless of their disabilities, should have equal opportunities to express their talents and to be successful in the Arts.

For more information about Lisa Lipton Artwork, prices or exhibits, please contact: Lorindra frances lorindramoonstar@yahoo.com


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