A Chinese-American Storyteller Shares Her Debut-Film “Father’s Day” with the World


Alhambra , CA United States

Betty Ouyang lost her dear mother, Theresa, to pancreatic cancer in 2014. And Writing was a big part of her healing process. Although “Father’s Day”, her directorial-debut-short-film, was not meant to be a 100% accurate portrayal of her real family, Betty wanted badly to write a story about Unconditional Love… to communicate the love that she feels for her parents. As she was writing “Father’s Day”, the story also became a testimony to the uphill battles of Struggling Artists. Indeed the story centers around a loving, but conservative, Chinese-American Dad (‘Larry’), and his two Creative Daughters (‘Angelita’ and ‘Betty’)–both of whom are having a really tough time in the City of Angels.

“Father’s Day” has both comedic and dramatic elements, conveying the Absurdity of trying to make a decent living with a Life in the Arts… as well as the difficulty in trying to communicate that passion to an extremely skeptical parent.

This past June, “Father’s Day” was acquired for Worldwide Distribution for Pay-TV and Mobile broadcast by Hewes Pictures in NYC, after it was presented at the 2017 Palm Springs Shortfest Film Market.

While Betty is thrilled that “Father’s Day” will continue to have a Life and possibly reach foreign Markets, she was concerned about missing an Audience that doesn’t necessarily have Pay-TV. So “Father’s Day” (2017) is now also on AMAZON VIDEO for Rental or Purchase.

Here’s the direct link for “Father’s Day” (2017) on Amazon Video: amazon.com/dp/B074BL93D2?ref_=imdbref_tt_wbr_aiv&tag=imdbtag_tt_wbr_aiv-20

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