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華埠服務中心提醒您: "2015年納稅申報截止日期為2016年4月18日!" CSC's Friendly Reminder for Taxpayer (Tax Filing by April 18)


Chinatown Service Center

767 N. Hill Street, Suite 400
Los Angeles , CA 90012 United States

華埠服務中心提醒納稅人 ~ 2015年 納稅申報的截止日期為2016年4月18日!

CSC's friendly reminder for Taxpayer who have not yet filed their 2015 tax return that April 18, 2016 is the due date to either file your return and pay any taxes owed, or file for the automatic six-month extension and pay the tax you estimate to be due.Usually April 15 is the due date, but because Friday, April 15, is a legal holiday in the District of Columbia (where the IRS is headquartered), the filing date is advanced to the next day that isn ’t a weekend or holiday – Monday, April 18 – even for taxpayers not living in DC.

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