An Alhambra amnesiac: "Jimmy Moor"

The Los Angeles Times blog Framework dug up an article from 1949 about an Alhambra man who went to the Hall of Justice in downtown LA seeking his identity. His name? Jimmy Moor. The photographer sent to take a picture of the man, instead was the one to identify him and became part of the story "Amnesia Victim Identified:"

When the photographer entered the office of Sheriff’s Det. Lt. W.H. Kalthoff he looked casually at the man who had lost his memory.Then he stared intently and suddenly blurted:

“Haven’t you got a brother named Connie? I went to school with him in Los Angeles. I remember you as a little kid.”

The man frowned. “I don’t know,” he said dully.

“Sure, you’re Jimmy Moor,” Rogers persisted. “Your father is C. K. Moor.”

Lt. Kalthoff telephoned C.K. Moor. Within an hour Moor was there in person. He identified the man as his son James K. Moor, 23, of Alhambra.

The elder Moor told Lt. Kalthoff his son served with the Navy in the South Pacific during the war and long was a hospital patient. He said Navy doctors told him he possibly would be subject to memory lapses.

Moor said the youth, who is married and an expectant father, had been missing about three days. Detectives explained that the victim wandered into the Hall of Justice and asked aid in establishing his identity.

The younger Moor’s memory still had not returned when he left for home with his father, Lt. Kalthoff said.

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