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Almansor Park and her ducks

Picture Alhambra: Portraits of the City of Alhambra and its people.

Almansor Park sits less than a mile from downtown Alhambra, yet far removed from the frozen yogurt and boba of the city.

The photo: Alhambra Source staffer, Nasrin Aboulhosn, took a stroll through the park and happened upon a paddling of ducks (a group in the water is referred to as a paddling, while in flight they’re a flock).

“The moment these ducks all got in the water and followed their own natural instincts to swim in a long line, I felt like I was somewhere very far from a bustling city,” said Aboulhosn. “Who doesn't love ducks?”

The photographer:  Nasrin Aboulhosn is a staff writer for the Alhambra Source and a freelance copywriter working with companies and nonprofits. Aboulhosn said: “The pond at Almansor Park is my favorite spot in Alhambra."

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