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Alleged drunk driver faces felony charges following three-car crash on Fremont

An alleged drunk driver who caused a three-car crash Sunday on Fremont Avenue faces DUI felony charges, NBC Los Angeles reports. Ismael Soto, 28, could be sentenced to more than 20 years in prison if convicted.

Soto allegedly crashed into two parked vans on Fremont near Poplar Avenue, sending one into a group of pedestrians looking at holiday lights and hurting 15 people including himself, according to the Pasadena Star-NewsAlhambra police updated the number of victims from 13 to 15 on Tuesday.

Soto's license was suspended before the crash for previous DUI convictions, according to NBC Los Angeles.

Read the full stories from NBC Los Angeles and Pasadena Star-News.


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2 thoughts on “Alleged drunk driver faces felony charges following three-car crash on Fremont”

  1. Just more of what we need for the holidays Ed, more ordinances. By the way, keep that lawn green and don’t be wasting water…

  2. Having driven for many years on Fremont, I’ve always thought that a major thoroughfare should probably not have so many potentially distracting decorative lights.Perhaps the Alhambra City Council could pass an ordinance restricting businesses and/or residences from displaying bright, blinking light displays over a certain number of lumens during evening hours.

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