Alhambra's Police Chief retires

Alhambra Police Chief Jim Hudson retired Thursday after 34 years of police service and nine years with the Alhambra force.

Hudson prides his record in particular with the introduction of the crime reduction strategy of FOCUS (Fighting Our Crime Using Structure) in March of 2006. He credits the program with approximately 25% reduction in Part 1 crimes in the past five years, which translates to 853 fewer crime victims in Alhambra each year.

Hudson started his career as a reserve police officer with the City of Orange. He moved up to detective, where Hudson recalls the investigation and successful prosecution of one particular rape case, after which the victim, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, annually sent cards of thanks for the manner in which the case was handled. 

Hudson was promoted to Lieutenant in 1999, and in 2001, on September 11, successfully tested for a Captain position at the Alhambra Police Department.  Three years later he was appointed Chief of the Alhambra Police Department.  Hudson was elected as the President of the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs’ Association in 2009, where he represented all 46 independent city police chiefs on all matters related to countywide law enforcement issues.

Beginning Monday, October 11, the interim chief will be James Anthony. 

Do you have farewell wishes for Hudson? Reflections on his service? Questions? Thoughts on what you would like to see in the next police chief? Post them below.

3 thoughts on “Alhambra's Police Chief retires”

  1. These are all good questions … and I appreciate the push in the right direction. We’ll look into them. Thanks, Daniela

  2. What is Jim’s retirement including his Medical Retirement Plan?
    How much was Jim’s Highest Years Pay, (salary, Unused Vacation, Unused Sick Leave, and all other forms of contribution)?
    How is his retirement funded, or even un-funded.

    Do the work of real news people, don’t just serve up the pablum.

    1. re: “jim’s retirement plan” – why is this something that should even be written about, blogged or discussed? he has put in over 30 years of service and deserves a good retirement plan!

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