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Alhambra's great dog park debate

Readers talked canines the last few weeks, delving into the topic of dog parks in the city. Currently, the city offers no green space for dog owners to unleash their pets. Esmee Xavier asked residents how they feel about an off-leash dog park in Alhambra.

Many readers were in favor of a dog park, even suggesting unused green areas. “This is an important issue for our family,” an anonymous reader commented. “We are constantly driving to out of the city on our days off to enjoy the dog parks in other cities.  I think they should make a dog park at Almansor Park. It's big enough and would be a great addition.”

Another anonymous reader thought Granada Park would also work. “I went to a dog park in Orange County that wasn't just a piece of flat land. It was a combination of flat and hilly areas,” he or she wrote. “I have thought for years that Granada Park would be a great place for a dog park, because of the landscape and it's a huge park.”

Some readers were upset about Alhambra’s current no-dogs-in-the-park rule and blamed city government for what they felt was a lack of leadership. “We (Alhambrians) have to travel elsewhere to enjoy a Dog Park, we lack Bicycle Paths so again we have to travel elsewhere to enjoy our recreation as well as to have our dogs run around,” wrote Richard. “Come-on, if Alhambra leadership needs two years to ‘study’ what is a simple solution I view this as a lack of leadership & forsight, seems to me Alhambra is slowly crumbling & just stuck in the past.”

“Elect council members who place resident interests first above business interests,” another reader commented anonymously.

But while some voiced support for a dog park in Alhambra, many readers opposed the idea as well. “It's bad enough we have so little park space in Alhambra, and you want to fraction away those areas just for dogs?!” wrote Just Looking. “Sorry, I go to parks for the open space and quiet. And having been to a lot of dog parks, I don't want to hear barking, fighting dogs and stepping in poop due to their idiot owners.”

“One of the reasons I support the no dog rule is that I generally feel safe not having to deal with gang bangers and their thuggish dogs coming over from L.A,” an anonymous reader noted. “Perhaps banning certain dogs from the city or restricting dogs allowed to those that do not need extra harnesses or muzzles beyond a collar and leash.”

Even a pet-owner expressed concern. “As the owner of two active dogs, I should support the concept of a dog park,” wrote Daniel Duprill. “However, issues with irresponsible owners and untrained dogs have made me wary of taking my dogs to the existing parks in neighboring cities. City staff would need to be on site to ensure that dogs are licensed (otherwise, you are risking the health of your pets;) – and the park would need to be cleaned daily.”

What do you think? Would you like an off-leash dog park in Alhambra? And if so, where? Take our poll!

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2 thoughts on “Alhambra's great dog park debate”

  1. The reality is that the parks are for everyone and dog owners have as much right as any other resident or visitor to our parks to have a dog park. It’s time has come and we need to prepare accordingly. If we need additional park personnel so be it. If we need strictly enforced ordinances to insure that pet owners are responsible for their pets so be that as well. It’s about sharing the recreational space of our city so we all benefit.

  2. ““Elect council members who place resident interests first above business interests,” another reader commented anonymously.”

    What?! And break a 70-year tradition?!

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