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Alhambra's Farmer's Market: A tradition for three decades

We've brought back some entries from a past photo series"Where Alhambra Shops"that spotlights grocery stores around Alhambra.
The Alhambra Farmers' Market, which takes place every Sunday at 8:30AM, has been a staple of the city for more than 30 years. The farmers market features a range of products that are hard to find elsewhere such as organic chrysanthemum greens, jujube dates, and fresh garbanzo beans. From 2010 to 2012 Kevin Chan served as our correspondent at the market. He sampled everything from strawberries to bitter melon, and divulged recipes that he'd picked up along the way.
On his experience eating a Fuyu Persimmon, Chan wrote:
“If you can imagine a tomato mixed with an apple then painted a bold orange, you have yourself a Fuyu. It has a subtle sweetness that is light on your palate, but in the aftertaste you get a hint of something more succulent, like you've been eating a peach with maple syrup.”
The Farmer’s Market relocated in 2014, on the day of its 30th year anniversary, in response to construction at the Alhambra Place. Its new home is on Second Street, between Main and Commonwealth.
Watermelon radishes
Bitter melon
Raw peanuts

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