Alhambra's creative coalition


36 West Main Street
Alhambra , CA United States

"Back at the beginning of the year, the wife, the hot dog and I moved to Alhambra, a small city a few miles east of downtown LA. We like it here a lot," writes the owner of video culture shop Attract Mode, Adam Robezolli. "Besides a ton of great food within walking distance, there's a tight-knit group of creatives, mostly comic artists and indie game developers." This group, which includes Gallery Nucleus, Bolt City Productions, and Good Hustle, Robezolli labels the "Alhambra Creative Coalition." Then he writes "no one actually calls them that."

The Alhambra Source, which has been fortunate enough to work with various members of this so-call Creative Coalition likes the name — and thinks it should stick.

For those who are interested in video games, Robezolli also provides a preview of Good Hustle's new iPhone game Beast Boxing, which should be released later this month.

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