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Alhambrans react to Sizzler closing

We reported last week that Sizzler on Commonwealth and Palm avenues was closed. Many readers on Facebook, Twitter, and our site responded with sadness, upset that the family restaurant had closed its doors. Others didn't seem surprised, commenting on other local staples that closed recently, such as Super A and Tokyo Lobby

What do you think about Sizzler closing? Let us know!

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8 thoughts on “Alhambrans react to Sizzler closing”

  1. Why don’t you open up a business?

    I have the victim-mentality.

  2. Right! Another Asian place were I can’t read the menu. I guess I have to move to west Covina for a better variety of restaurants.

  3. @Dan… what a convenient excuse… “the landlord apparently raised the rent beyond what Sizzler was willing to pay..” I’m sorry, but I agree with Denise… it will not surprise me if another Asian restaurant/buffet comes into that location.

    The diversity of our area is not a “problem” for me, however, I hope that our non-Asian population does not become forgotten!

    1. @Julie, who do you think would forget us?
      Government? That’s not likely as we still make up a significant part of the population and its business is done primarily in English.
      Businesses? Oh well, we can spend our money where it is wanted. That’s how the free market works – we are free to spend our money where we like and for the items we want. M Payne points out several non-asian businesses doing quite well. That said, I’ve never been turned away by an Asian business in Alhambra or the SGV.
      Ultimately, I’m not sure why you’d think we’d be forgotten.

  4. @Denise: Sizzler didn’t fail in that location because Alhambra is overrun by Asians or Asian restaurants. It failed in that location because the landlord apparently increased the rent beyond what Sizzler is willing to pay. That’s how the free market works.
    And if Sizzler was struggling in that location, then it was failing to evolve to meet the demands of the market place. Other non-Asian restaurants survive despite the large Asian population. Fosselman’s is a great example of how good businesses evolve to satisfy changing demand. Personally, I dislike Sizzler, so I don’t eat there; apparently, I’m not alone.
    Also, I think it worth noting that the Asian food in Alhambra and the surrounding communities is very diverse, with a lot of variety between them. So while we lose out on some “American” fare when Sizzler leaves, the restaurant that fills its spot may very well maintain or increase the overall diversity of options we have — we’ll just need to wait and see.

  5. Denise – It is noteworthy that you followed up a legitimate statement with an incredibly racist statement.

    Bottom line is: I believe in capitalism and that’s probably the most American thing in this world.

    Top-quality (at least value-wise) Merican’ food (Twohey’s, Souplantation, In-N-Out, DogHaus, Ralphs, etc) will continue to flourish and the weak will be wiped out.

  6. It really sucks… What’s next? The Diner on Main? I love Asian food, but I also love to have varieties… If those who want to live at an area mainly with Asian food, they should just move to Asia.

  7. Like I said, it’s perfect for another Korean BBQ joint.

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