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Alhambra woman killed in biking accident hit-and-run

A 24-year-old Alhambra resident, Jocelyn Young, was biking with her boyfriend early Sunday morning in Pasadena when she was hit by a car and killed in a hit-and-run, according to multiple press reports. An Alhambra man, Nicholas Avila, was arrested and booked on suspicion of hit-and-run and driving under the influence. 

The Pasadena Sun reports:

Young and her boyfriend were riding their bicycles at about 1 a.m. on Los Robles Avenue near Cordova Street when she fell off her bike. Young then was struck by a Dodge pickup truck traveling south on Los Robles Avenue. The driver of the truck continued south on Los Robles without stopping.  Pasadena paramedics responded and took Young to Huntington Memorial Hospital, where she later died of her injuries. Jocelyn Young | Picture from her Facebook

The car was reportedly followed to Alhambra where Avila was arrested and held in Pasadena jail in lieu of $100,000 bond. Authorities, however, are not filing charges at this point, according to the Pasadena Star-News. He will likely be released later today pending further investigation.

"It's a real tragic accident and a complex case and we have to make sure we're taking our time to make sure that every aspect of the case is thoroughly investigated before we present our case to the D.A.'s office,"  Traffic Lt. Randell Taylor told the Star-News. "We like to err on the side of caution and be thorough."

Young was a graduate of University of Oregon, according to Bike Portland.  "She was such an always-on wonderful presence. Always warm and cheerful," Andrew Plambeck, a classmate, told Bike Portland. "So, so sad. Another wonderful, unique person killed senselessly in the road."

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7 thoughts on “Alhambra woman killed in biking accident hit-and-run”

  1. The guy who everyone is blaming on here is one of my friends and trust me all of you though no matter what this is a tragedy you do not know the whole story…….

  2. Another HIT/RUN – seems this is all to common in Alhambra & what are the city council & police departmeny doing to stop these horrible situations that leave families & friends devastated? If city council paid as much attention to these CRIMES as they do to allowing OVER-DEVELOPMENT (more traffic, more hit/runs) to take over the city, perhaps there would be less deaths & police department put more effort in preventing hit/runs instead of wasting resources in little situations, for example this morning I saw three police cars, three police officers arresting a man who was taking cans out of a trash container on the street. THREE POLICE OFFICERS, THREE POLICE CARS??? Seems like over-kill for petty “crimes” while major crimes like the death of this young lady may have been prevented with more police presence & stiffer traffic enforcement. Sorry to read about this lady’s death, she did not deserve it.

    1. This is a very unfortunate accident and what killed this young lady was the drunk driver who got behind the wheel of that car; NOT the city council or police dept. Should we ban alcohol altogether or micromanage each and every driver stepping into their cars? What is lacking here is PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY of each individual; each and every one of us. Blaming the government only enforces our dependency on public policy excuses. Government can’t be the panacea for everything. So what should we do? Create more laws to abide by? All these hit/run accidents need to be studied but until we can point fingers through circumstantial evidence, playing the blame game won’t do nothing but incite more anger among ourselves.

      As for the 3 cop cars handling the trash man situation, that shows me one thing; there probably wasn’t much going on elsewhere which means our neighborhood crime rate is improving (See Alhambra Neighborhood Watch newsletter). 3 patrol units for a minor incident also shows me that these officers where probably there for much needed training. And they should be there; that’s what we pay them for…

    2. @Richard

      FYI, Los Robles and Cordova lies in the city of Pasadena. I’m not sure what Alhambra Police could have done.

      Not sure how it is at 1 AM, but I do not enjoy biking on Los Robles heading south (which turns into Atlantic Blvd) to Alhambra. The street is especially narrow in San Marino and it just seems taking other side streets (e.g., El Molino) would be more preferable.

  3. What a true tragedy.

  4. The Eastside Bike Club ESBC normally rides thru the cities of Alhambra, South Pasadena, Pasadena and many others on our weekly trek on Tuesday Nights.

    Last night ESBC joined a couple of other concerned cyclist and we road to 261 Los Robles in Pasadena to hang a GHOST BIKE as a reminder to everyone, pedestrians, cyclist and motorist to SHARE THE ROAD, and don’t TEXT and Drive and DONT DRINK AND DRIVE.

    I personally have gone to three of these GHOST BIKE MEMORIALS and it does not get any easier. We did not know Jocelyn, but we did this to honor her courage to ride a bike in the streets of LA COUNTY!



    PS. There are pictures posted on our facebook page of the GHOST BIKE on our facebook FAN page – EASTSIDE BIKE CLUB

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