Alhambra woman injured hiking in Eaton Canyon

An Alhambra woman fell off a cliff and injured herself Monday while hiking on November 26th in Eaton Canyon, China Press (侨报) reports.

The Los Angeles County Police Department received a phone call around 5 p.m. saying that a woman in her 20s fell into the valley while hiking, Officer Brian Fitch told China Press. The police immediately sent out the Altadena Rescue Team, who found the woman at 5:45 p.m. in a 30-foot-deep valley. Her thighbones were broken and her head was seriously injured.

The Pasadena Fire Department transported the woman by helicopter to a nearby hospital. She is out of critical condition, according to China Press. She was hiking with a companion who called the police at the incident. The second woman had bruises from attempting to rescue the woman and returned home on Monday after receiving first aid at the scene.

A Pasadena Fire Department spokeswoman said that many hikers underestimate the risks of hiking and put themselves in dangerous situations. Some of them have lost their lives and the others have been attacked by bears or mountain lions.

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