Alhambra will consider a bike plan

Later this month bicycle activists from Alhambra will take the next step in their push for bicycle plan, such as the one that Los Angeles recently adopted, and meet with City Manager Julio Fuentes to present their ideas. As the Alhambra Source previously reported, a growing coalition has presented their ideas before the transporation commission at City Hall.

City Manager Julio Fuentes revealed little to the Pasadena Star-News about what direction the city plans to take with the bike plan, beyond considering it:

"We are going to talk and see what their plan is overall and based on our discussion we will look at the matter seriously and go from there," Fuentes said.

A lot needs to be considered before implementing a bike plan for the city, Fuentes noted.

"I would have to sit down with traffic engineers and the director of public works and look at the possibilities," he said. "Then we would have to get feedback and direction from the City Council."


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