Alhambra, What You Got?

Yelp (the user-generated review site) chose Alhambra as the neighborhood to highlight this week, with the winning endorsement: “Those of you that don’t venture east of Downtown are missing out on a real gem of a ‘hood.” They highlight some of Alhambra’s history, like Norman Rockwell’s summers painting here, a bunch of favorite restaurants from users, Nucleus Gallery, JayVee Dance, the farmer’s market. Then, under the forum “Alhambra…What You Got?” they put out a request for some new ideas, asking “Yelpers of the Gateway to the San Gabriel Valley, what are your go-to spots for dining and playing?”

Youth Feed writer Johnny Huynh took the dozens of spots suggested and did a little analysis. The winner? You guessed it: The Hat. Agree?

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