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Alhambra wants to hear from you: community open house and town hall on Saturday

Have something to tell Alhambra elected officials? Saturday is your day.

The City of Alhambra will hold a community open house from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Almansor Park called "Envision Alhambra 2035." That event, part of a $100,000 grant the city received for consultant services intended to create a community-influenced plan for Alhambra's future, will also include activities for children and representatives from the city's different agencies and leadership. Meanwhile, for those interested in a more intimate setting, Councilman Yamauchi will host a town hall meeting as well on Saturday morning at the Civic Center Library. (The different locations and concurrent meetings was the result apparently of scheduling confusion. When Yamauchi found out that they were both on the same day he tried to move his meeting to Almansor gymnasium but the Rotary Club had already booked it.)

Alhambra Administrative Analyst Chris Paulson explains what to expect at both meetings, the goals, and how residents can influence the planning process moving forward.

What is the difference between Envision Alhambra 2035 meeting at Almansor Park and the Town Hall that Councilman Yamauchi will host at the library? Are you encouraging people to attend both?

The Town Hall event will feature a format where the community can ask questions of Councilman Yamauchi, about any topic they choose.  It will be more of a question and answer format.

The Envision Alhambra Community Open House at Almansor Park is entirely different.  This Open House will feature booths, activities for the kids, displays and information from various City of Alhambra departments, such as Police and Fire, Housing and Redevelopment, and Parks and Rec.  And the main component and purpose of this event will feature several displays from a consultant service, The Planning Center, with the goal of gathering input from the community about how they “Envision Alhambra in 2035”.  There will be an opportunity to speak with the Planning Center staff, give your feedback, and ask questions related to land use and transportation.

It would be great for people to attend both events.  The town hall starts at 11 and should be over by 1, and the Community Open House is 10-2, so people can definitely attend both.

What is the goal of Envision Alhambra?

The City of Alhambra applied for a grant program called Compass Blueprint, offered by the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG).  As part of Compass Blueprint, SCAG offers member cities the ability to apply for assistance with consultant services to provide various types of studies, master plans and general plan updates.  The City of Alhambra applied for this free SCAG assistance in October of 2010, and was selected to receive up to $100,000 in consultant services, paid for by SCAG.  The consultant services are being provided by The Planning Center.

As part of the city’s proposal, entitled Envision Alhambra 2035, we are seeking to have The Planning Center provide the city with an administrative update to the General Plan; collect new data and projections; and coordinate with city staff and City Council to identify issues and develop strategies for future land use and transportation planning issues.

There will be a few deliverable products at the end of this process.  First off, the city will receive an administrative update to the existing General Plan.  And also a Community Profile and Vision report.  The Community Profile is a bound book that provides an updated snapshot of what the City of Alhambra looks like in 2011.  The Vision Report is a document that provides growth information to assist with long-term strategic planning for housing, transportation and sustainability throughout the City of Alhambra.

Will translation services be available for people who do not speak English?

Yes, Spanish, Mandarin, and Cantonese speakers will be present.

Can residents review the General Plan ahead of time?

The Planning Center is currently working on an administrative update to the General Plan, and they are not finished yet.  However, I have attached a two-page document called “General Plan 101”, that explains what a General Plan is in the State of California, why it’s important, and what it does. [document is attached].

Anything else that you'd like residents of Alhambra to know?

Just to reiterate that the Envision Alhambra 2035 Community Open House is on Saturday, October 22 at Almansor Park from 10am – 2pm. If anyone would like to contact me with questions, I'm available at 626.570.5011 or cpaulson@cityofalhambra.org.

Interview was conducted via e-mail and edited.

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  1. Another Angry Alhambran

    Want to know what the residents of Alhambra’s ideas are on our city’s “General Plan?”

    STOP THE OVER-DEVELOPMENT!!! We don’t need anymore “town homes, condos, apartment units and mixed-use” buildings!!

    Can the City of Alhambra ever say “NO” to a developer?!

  2. Is the “General Plan 101” document available to be viewed on this site?

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