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Alhambra students treated to two "wind days"

It's the closest things many Alhambra students will ever get to a snow day: School is canceled for no reason but the weather and students are left free to play.

Just after a weeklong Thanksgiving vacation, Alhambra students were treated to an additional two days off of school thanks to power outages in some schools due to Wednesday's windstorm.

With the day free some students went and flew a kite in the winds, others helped parents sweep debris, and a few just caught up on homework.

"I watched movies all day on Thursday," said Alhambra High School senior, Mariah Romero.

Romero managed to watch Back to the Future, Catch Me if You Can and The Sandlot, but was excited to spend time with family on Friday.

"My mom has the day off of on Friday, so I will probably get to do something with her," Romero said.

Alhambra High School senior, "Libby" Gutierrez said three days without power on Saturday actually was surprisingly fun family bonding.

"With the power outage, it's been easier for my family and I to just stay together instead of go our separate ways," said Gutierrez, whose family would take advantage of neighbors' and relatives' power during the day. "At night, our house is scary, so my family and I will rent a movie and watch it on my Dad's laptop."

AUSD schools are set to resume on Monday, Dec. 5. The district has yet to announce if the two days off will be added on to the end of school year.

Alhambra students, what did you do with the time off? 

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