Alhambra Source's top stories: Edward's Theater, 710, gay in Alhambra

Readers of the Alhambra Source had a lot to say last week about the pending demolition of the Edwards Atlantic Theater, Metro’s 710 connection initiative, and choosing Alhambra as a gay couple. Nathan Solis wasn't the only nostalgic about the Edwards Atlantic Theater being torn down. Other readers wrote in with memories of "seeing the original Frankenstein" and were sad to see a part of Alhambra’s history being demolished, though one though one reader defended the city’s move to bring more commercial development to Main Street. This was also the most-read story of the past two weeks.

The article about Metro's attempts to evaluate the 710 connection also created a buzz; readers generally opposed the construction and pointed out the negative effects the connection would have on South Pasadena, Alhambra, El Sereno, and other neighboring areas, focusing on costs, traffic and environmental issues.

Inthava Bounpraseuth’s take on being gay in Alhambra, “Forget West Hollywood: Choosing Alhambra as a gay Asian couple,” garnered the most comments on the site, as well as being the second most-read story, this week. Most of the feedback was positive and supportive, stating that the story was inspiring and brave, noting how much the SGV had changed in 50 years, and thanking Inthava for inviting readers into his personal life. But discussion also centered on a negative response left by an unregistered user named Javier, who wrote, “Shameful and what a waste of space.” Readers were quick to come to Inthava’s defense, and he reacted a day later.

“Thank you for reading the article,” Inthava wrote. “I'm glad it's been able to raise awareness, one way or the other. In regards to shame–a painful emotion caused by a strong sense of guilt, embarrassment, unworthiness, or disgrace–we obviously don't harbor any of these emotions since we're proud enough about who we are and our relationship to feature it on this site. I don't agree with your opinion, but I do respect that it is your opinion.”

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