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Alhambra Source mentioned in LA Times Sunday paper

The Los Angeles Time's Frank Shyong interviewed Alhambra Source Founding Editor Daniela Gerson on Sunday for "Chat & Selfie," a column in the paper's California section. The column is described as discussions with "people who don't normally find themselves in the headlines." 

In the interview, Gerson was asked about the San Gabriel Valley's low profile, the area's diversity, and the offerings in Alhambra that go "beyond Costco, Chinese food, or the Hat pastrami." Gerson's response to some reasons why Alhambra is worth the trip:

Lebanese food, Indonesian gado gado salad, the Burmese Dollar store, tortas, and bountiful pho and banh miBeyond food, where else can you find fierce badminton competitions playing out in huge halls? Mechanics displaying spray-painted car hood art on Main Street? An entire store dedicated to everything you need for the afterlife, from soleless shoes to money to burn? And a young Asian hipster bar on the roof above a hotel for Chinese tourists headed to Vegas?

What are your favorite things to do in Alhambra? What would you have told Frank?

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