Alhambra Source at 2: Our top five most-viewed stories

Alhambra Source is celebrating two years this month. To mark the occasion, we shared on Monday the five lessons we’ve learned about improving civic engagement through a local news site. On Tuesday we posted the five most-commented stories. And today we’re bringing you the top five stories our readers viewed the most in the past year.

1. "It could've been any of us" | "我们的共同写照"Mingshi Di, a Chinese international student at USC, shared her sadness at the tragic murder of her peers in April and outrage at the media’s portrayals of the victims. Her story about the Chinese student community coming together in their loss is the most viewed Alhambra Source story in the past year.

2. Two Gabrielino graduates killed in alleged DUI crash in Alhambra *UpdatedSecond is our story about the deaths of two young San Gabriel residents, Manolo “Simon” Magat and Joseph Almario, who were killed in July when their vehicle plunged off the 10 Freeway. The driver had "objective symptoms" of intoxication, said CHP.

3. Wind storm batters Alhambra *UpdatedStrong wind storms blew through Alhambra last December, and the slideshow of their damage is our third most viewed story on the site in the last year. Trees were uprooted, cars were engulfed in fallen branches, and street signs were blown away.

4. A father's quest to discover who murdered his daughter and dumped her near an Alhambra park *UpdatedTwo years after his daughter’s body was found close to Story Park, George Shi offered a $200,000 reward for any information or witnesses. Our Q&A with Shi about his quest to find his daughter’s killer and how Alhambra residents can help is our fourth most-viewed story of the past year.

5. Alhambra woman killed in biking accident hit-and-runOur story about 24-year-old Alhambra resident Jocelyn Young, who was killed in Pasadena last September while biking, is the fifth most-viewed story of the past year. Young was hit by a car and killed in a hit-and-run, according to multiple press reports. An Alhambra man, Nicholas Avila, was arrested and booked on suspicion of hit-and-run and driving under the influence.

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