Alhambra Source at 1: Most commented stories

As Alhambra Source celebrates its first year, I'm reviewing some of our statistics.  In our top 10 most commented list, we review what Alhambrans like to have their say about on the site.  Development stories led the pack, followed by a movement to make the city safer for pedestrians after a fatal accident in which a 17-year-old girl died. Other human interest stories, such as choosing Alhambra as a gay couple, a visit to Ms. Lin the psychic, or the achievement gap at Alhambra High also received a fair showing. The list is below:

1. The Edwards Atlantic: Demolition Day

2. Vacancies in Alhambra at a time of flux

3. Alhambra's Arch: The best use of the space?  人们怎样看阿罕布拉凯旋门

4. Movement launched to make Alhambra intersection safer after girl killed in accident

5. Is Alhambra in danger of disappearing?

6. Forget West Hollywood: Choosing Alhambra as a gay Asian couple

7. Young, educated, and unemployed at home with mom and dad in Alhambra

8. A visit to Mrs. Lin, Alhambra's psychic

9. Anthony Perez wants to know why so few other Latino students are in leadership positions

10. Alhambra police officer dies in crash

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