Alhambra school lockdown Tuesday afternoon

Oneonta Montessori, a pre- and K-6 school in Alhambra, went into lockdown Tuesday afternoon after a suspect escaped Alhambra police and began to scale private walls and fences nearby, according to the school's principal Fiona Emersley. All students and staff are safe.

School officials saw police in front of their school and heard a police helicopter at about 2:50 p.m., Emersley said. They locked the front and classroom doors and did not let anyone, including parents, enter until around 3:15 p.m.

"We were in lockdown until the police told us they had captured the suspect," Emersley said. "Our little kids went in their classrooms and stayed there really quietly until I gave them the okay to come out."

An Alhambra police officer had come to Oneonta Montessori on Monday, just one day before the lockdown, to talk to staff and students about what to do during an emergency or school shooting, Emersley said. The same officer stood in front of the school Tuesday afternoon.

"He was outside watching us to see if we were doing everything he had said to do," said Emersley.

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