Alhambra rides in Rose Parade despite slashed budget

Alhambra was one of various area cities sponsoring a downsized float at the Rose Parade on Monday. The float, "Bearing Down the Track!," was built with $55,000 donated from the Chamber of Commerce, according to the Pasadena Sun. Last year the City of Alhambra and Chamber of Commerce combined contributed $96,000, with additional funds from Rizhao, Alhambra's Chinese "friendship" city.

Alhambra city officials decided not to fund this year's float due to budget constraints and uncertainty over redevelopment funds, Owen Guenthard, executive director of the city’s Chamber of Commerce told the Sun's Adolfo Flores.

“It’s important to continue to compete,” Guenthard told the Sun, adding that he was hopeful the city would be able to provide funds again next year. “It’s a sign the community is still vital and can participate in an event like this."

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  1. Adorable! The float turned out beautifully despite the budget constraints. Go Alhambra!

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