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Alhambra resident confronts, tells package thief 'This is my house' [UPDATED]

UPDATE 5.16.16
Alhambra police have arrested Rianna Medina, who is suspected of stealing a package from a resident’s home. 
The Alhambra Police Department was able to identify and detain the suspect thanks to tips gathered through social media, according to the LA Times. She was detained at a Rosemead hotel on Friday at 1pm.
With the growth of Amazon and other delivery services, it’s common to see packages being left on doorsteps. It also means, as one Alhambra resident found out on Tuesday, more opportunities for thieves to make away with personal goods.
The resident was parked outside his house in his car. He noticed that a woman was taking packages that had been delivered to his door. The man exited his car and confronted the suspect. He used his camera phone to tape the suspect.
“If I were you, I’d put that down,” said the man in the video. “I live here. This is my house.”
“My mom lives here,” the suspect responded.
A brief while later, after the man had threatened to call the police, the woman dropped the packages and left the scene.
The Alhambra Police Department describe the woman as Hispanic, and between 20 and 30 years hold. Anyone who recognizes the suspect is encouraged to call (626) 308-4875. Callers may remain anonymous.
Here is the video taken by the resident:

3 thoughts on “Alhambra resident confronts, tells package thief 'This is my house' [UPDATED]”

  1. This video went viral, I saw it in a different blog and comments about this women were not pretty. Glad she was caught, now she’ll spend time thinking about her stupidity.

  2. I’ve had packages stolen off of my porch and finally installed video cameras to monitor activity. I recommend others do the same to rid our city of these types of scum.

  3. Thanks, neighbor. Being retired, I’m usually home, keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior in my neighborhood specially when I hear delivery trucks in the area, I become more alert, seeing where the delivery was made and occasionally making sure a package is still there or has been retrieved by the homeowner.I’m going to keep this video, and if I see this woman, I’ll phone the police.

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