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Alhambra quarterback wins praise, and gold leaves the helmet

Alhambra Junior quarterback Josh Mendoza has steadily improved with each football game this season for the 3-0 Moors, according to the Los Angeles Times reporter blog.In his last performance, Mendoza completed 17 of 26 passes for 222 yards and three touchdowns in a 33-14 victory over Temple City.

The next game will be against Wilson High School at Moor Field on Friday, September 23 at 7 p.m.

Miguel Melendez, an alum of Alhambra High and now the Preps Editor at the Pasadena Star-News, explored another development for the Moors. He recalled that Alhambra's mascot— the North Africans who once ruled parts Spain and built the Alhambra fortress in Granada — made Sports Illustrated's most unique high school mascots while Melendez was in high school.

Melendez said he was proud that Alhambra's mascot actually had meaning. "It wasn't just some generic mascot like the Bears or Tigers," he wrote. The mascot has stayed the same, but the team has a new look this season thanks to budget cuts. The once solid gold helmets are now blue in an effot to save money from having to add a layer of gold paint on the base helmet.

2 thoughts on “Alhambra quarterback wins praise, and gold leaves the helmet”

  1. No gold helmets!?! What a travesty!

    1. Blue Helmets New Generation and by the way they are 3-0, and are rated 6 in all the San Gabriel Valley.

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