Alhambra police to conduct DUI and license checkpoint

The Alhambra Police Department will conduct a DUI and driver's license checkpoint Friday to early Saturday at Garfield Avenue and Glendon Way. Officers will monitor the intersection from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m., looking for drivers who show signs of impairment due to alcohol or drugs and checking for proper licensing.

There have been 28 DUI-related collisions in Alhambra in the last three years, resulting in one death and 39 injuries, said Alhambra Lt. Jennifer Wiese. Publicized checkpoints are shown to reduce auto crashes by up to 20 percent, and are the most effective DUI enforcement strategy, according to Alhambra PD.

Those caught driving under the influence can expect jail time, fines, traffic classes, or other expenses that can exceed $10,000, "not to mention the embarrassment when friends and family find out," said a statement from Alhambra PD.

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