Alhambra police seeking victims of suspected jewelry burglar

Alhambra police are searching for possible burglary victims after arresting a man for residential burglary Monday and finding a large amount of allegedly stolen jewelry in his home, the Alhambra Police Department posted Friday on Facebook.

Police arrested John Daly on suspicion of residential burglary on the 500 block of North Story Place and discovered Daly was on parole, according to Alhambra PD. Officers searched his home and found a large amount of allegedly stolen jewelry, suspecting that he may have stolen the items from residents in the area.

"We believe there are additional victims who had their jewelry stolen during residential burglaries," the police department posted on Facebook.

Daly was charged with counts of receiving stolen property and possession of burglary tools.

Anyone who is missing jewelry and believes they are a victim of residential burglary is asked to email Alhambra detectives at, including a name, burglary report number, address, and a description of the jewelry that was taken.

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