Alhambra police seek victims of alleged Chinese newspaper scammer

The Alhambra Police Department is seeking victims of Kevin Hu, who allegedly would meet victims via Chinese newspaper and internet ads at coffee houses throughout the San Gabriel Valley and would then use fraudulent means to take money from their bank accounts.

APD Detectives arrested Hu on October 16, 2012 at his Alhambra home on grand theft charges. Hu allegedly obtained victims' bank account information while discussing an employment opportunity. He then would make it appear to the victim that he deposited money into his or her account. Hu would then instruct his victims to withdraw cash from the account and give it to Mr. Hu. The deposits would later be uncovered as fraudulent, causing the victim and the bank to suffer a loss of money.

Some of Hu’s victims have been identified and are cooperating with law enforcement, according to the Alhambra Police Department; additional victims are believed to have not yet been identified.

If anyone believes that they have been a victim of Hu, or have any information that would be helpful in this investigation, they are encouraged to call Detective John Lee at the Alhambra Police Department. (626)570-5158. 

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