Alhambra police say violent crime is at an all-time low

Violent crime in the city is at the lowest point on record, according to a Facebook statement released by the Alhambra Police Department Thursday morning. The police department's 2012 crime statistics also show that total crimes occurring in Alhambra were down approximately 1 percent from the previous year, making the overall crime rate a multiple decades low, according to APD.

Some crimes did see an increase, according to the statement. Auto theft had a 17.5 percent increase from 217 reported cases in 2011 to 255 in 2012. Robberies increased by 15 percent, with 57 reported in 2011 and 66 in 2012.

The police department urges residents continue to report crime or suspicious activity: "DON'T IGNORE IT!! REPORT IT!!"

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