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Alhambra Police Department takes part in active shooter, ethics training

The Alhambra Police Department took part in a training session Tuesday that focused on ethics and active shootings. The purpose was to prepare police officers for encounters with gunmen, and to discuss leadership tactics used in the field, said Alhambra Sergeant Jerry Johnson.

Johnson said that the training was not conducted in response to a single event; the police department practices regularly simply to be prepared. “It’s something you see a lot in the press. We have not had the misfortune of having [an active shooter] in Alhambra but you need to know how to react,” said Johnson.

During the training, a volunteer suspect fired blank rounds outside the Alhambra Fire Department Training Center. A Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officer facilitated the practice, shouting commands and tips for approaching the shooter. Alhambra officers took cover behind cars with their guns drawn, and communicated with each other on how to approach the suspect. Volunteer suspects could be Sheriff’s department officers or unsworn Alhambra officers.

Every sworn officer of the APD will participate in the training, said Johnson. Practice will continue on Friday for those that did not attend Tuesday. APD hosts special training once every three months to cover various subjects. Previous training sessions have included weaponless defense, CPR, and law enforcement ethics. The next training will take place in May.

Tuesday's ten-hour long training day also featured an ethics presentation with an attorney. “Integrity and ethics are part of being an officer,” said Johnson, adding that these presentations help officers make “smart decisions.” 

“Alhambra expects us to be prepared if anything ever happens," said Johnson.

1 thought on “Alhambra Police Department takes part in active shooter, ethics training”

  1. Glad to read Alhambra PD is taking integrity/ethics classes, hoping the department doesn’t get into a “questionable shooting incident” as seems to be the norm in many/most police departments throughout the country.

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