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Alhambra police department says mysterious booming noises are likely not so mysterious

Those "explosion like noises" that the Alhambra Source reported on back in March are getting wider media attention, since the Pasadena Star-News published a follow up report on Tuesday.

The Source spoke with Sergeant Jerry Johnson at the Alhambra Police Department, who said that the APD followed up with various electric, public works and transportation agencies in the area, and ruled out causes from them. "We're not sure what these booms are, but it's more likely that they're fireworks," he said, adding that the department would continue to investigate any subsequent reports.

Furthermore, excluding 4th of July, the police department has received 12 to 15 reports of these "unexplained booming noises." 

Caltech seismologist Jennifer Andrews, who was asked to check seismic activity in the area on the dates of these noise reports, said that she still hasn't detected any unusual activity.

Police departments in surrounding communities have not received any similar reports.

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2 thoughts on “Alhambra police department says mysterious booming noises are likely not so mysterious”

  1. Rather than a post I am writing this as something of an inquiry to the city itself. The police may be correct in that this could very well be what many of us call “bottle rockets” being set off at random. We have them here in my neighborhood as well in the IE. I would be curious to know if anyone has considered the reservoir tanks that are located throughout the city. Could there be pressure “popping” noises when the levels in the tanks get low? Not something I’m experienced in, but in looking at a google map of the city I noticed these tanks in the same areas as reports of the noises and this could very well be something that could be looked into. If you, the moderator, could please pass this on I’d greatly appreciate it.

  2. It happened again last night between 11 pm and midnight or so. It sounds like a loud firecracker to me. Like those m80s we used to light off in the 1970s.

    Northeast part of city.