Alhambra police cars to get mobile video systems

Alhambra police cars will soon be equipped with new mobile video systems.

"They capture all the things that you can imagine that we see like pursuits, and crimes in progress," Sargeant Brandon Black said. "It’s a nice irrefutable record of what actually takes place."

The Pasadena Star-News reports that Alhambra, with City Council approving the purchase last month of the cameras for its 18 police cars, is following a growing trend across the country to use video to verify activity. 

"Any time you have an objective independent witness, which is what these cameras are, it helps police officers review their own actions and perform better in the field," Michael Fergus, program manager in the technology center for the International Association of Police Chiefs, told the Star-News. "Just being aware that a camera is there helps the officer maintain professionalism."

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