Alhambra playground re-opens after renovations

Children jumped onto brand new swings Tuesday afternoon when Alhambra officials opened a newly renovated playground at Almansor Park. Mayor Steven Placido and council members Barbara Messina and Luis Ayala stood in the arched entrance to the sandbox and cut the ribbon, welcoming Alhambra kids to the new playground. The park's facelift includes awnings on the slides, additional swing sets, and accessible walkways for visitors with disabilities. It's the first makeover the playground has seen since its opening in 1989.

The playground was worn down and needed improvements, said Alhambra Community Services Director Cynthia Jarvis in September 2012. "It was a very nice playground in its day, but we want to update and bring it into today's standards," Jarvis told the Pasadena Star-News. "There are so many wonderful pieces of playground equipment available and we want to update it and have it nice and new."

Alhambra City Council approved in September funding the renovations with construction tax revenue, and in January set the budget at $160,653.25. Little Tykes, a children's toy and product manufacturer, led the construction.

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3 thoughts on “Alhambra playground re-opens after renovations”

  1. Hahah, that little girl in the corner of the picture is TOO cute! She's not having it.

  2. Don Draper in a dress

    Why not have Little Tykes foot the bill not the taxpayers? Good advertising subsidized by the City of Alhambra?

  3. Excellent PR move by Placido and Messina. They must be worried about the truth getting out.

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