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Alhambra Place finds a buyer, says City Manager

The long-vacant Mervyn's space will soon see a new tenant, Alhambra City Council announced during Monday night's meeting. City Manager Julio Fuentes said that while they are not yet at liberty to reveal which business will be purchasing the space, city officials will meet next week with the prospective buyer. "The good news is that we have a buyer," he said. "And we're working with them to develop a mix-used project on-site."

Other vacant locations on Main Street will have new occupants in the near future: the former Hollywood Video space on Hidalgo Avenue is undergoing construction to become a Wells Fargo branch in the coming weeks, while Tony Roma's is slated to re-open as Gen Korean BBQ and Yakitori, which has a popular location in Tustin.

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18 thoughts on “Alhambra Place finds a buyer, says City Manager”

  1. The Gen Korean BBQ signs are up! Can’t wait to eat there and hope they’re just as good as the one in Tustin. Glad to know the city is making Main St. such a better place to hang out!

  2. Walked by the old Tony Roma’s restaurant this past weekend and it seems like Gen Korean BBQ is gearing up. Saw some people working on the exterior painting. This place seems like its going to get crowded (like Boiling Crab across the street) based on the Yelp reviews (Tustin location) I have read.

  3. Robert,

    Yes, that mall has been closed for a while now. When Mervyns closed things really slowed down. Hopefully, a new mixed-use project will utilize most of the space from this huge lot being sold. Here is a link of the parcel from J.H. Synder (one of the first buyers of this lot) ->


    FYI – From the Alhambra City website, the Alhambra Pacific Plaza (Super A Foods site) and Casaita De Zen groundbreaking seems to have been pushed back to Spring 2013.

    1. @John

      Yes. The old Mervyns mall has a huge mixed use potential. I hope they will incorporate accessible green space (park, etc) in the area as well, since I’m dreaming here. And while I’m still dreaming, I hope that whatever gets built, it won’t be painted like that bank building on Garfield and Valley (just north of Valley). My eyes still hurt from looking at that.

  4. The article did say mixed use. At least on the surface, this sounds like good news. I hope that whatever retail stores there may be, they’d front Main St so theyre easily accessible to pedestrians, instead of the way they are now.

    1. Yes Robert,

      Totally agree. So basically what you are saying is that you don’t want any large setbacks from the sidewalk that disengages the pedestrian, right? I strongly support a mixed-use development here and more importantly, getting rid of that huge Mervyn’s parking alot.

      Whatever project will be built here, I hope it is a large scale project that will accomodate the growth and economic vitality of Alhambra for decades to come…

      1. @John

        Yes. But the stores should also front the sidewalk, instead of fronting the large parking lot behind (from the pedestrian’s POV) the stores. Right now none of the existing stores are accessible from Main St. They may have been in the past, but certainly not now and it leads to the perception that it’s a dead mall (which it is).

  5. Good to read about this, hopefully events develop fast in order to have some businesses in the community instead of vacant buildings that look awful.

  6. I am not sure yet what the Alhambra Place sold for, but yeh, this is big news that it has been bought.

    I am expecting a mixed-use building there.

    Main St is going to be crazy, and I mean that in a good way.

  7. The Hollywood Video space has been empty for quite some time. Having a bank there would not be my first choice, but its better than some other options.

    I actually would have preferred Smart And Final to use the WHOLE property for their store and to expand.

  8. We should count ourselves lucky to have so many banks in our community; other communities complain about vacant lots and liquor stores and would kill to have a single bank.

    The large number of banks means a lot of commerce is done here. Moreover, the fact that a number of foreign banks have decided that Alhambra is a great place to open branches is a good indicator of the health of our local economy and the attractiveness of our region for investment. Their proximity also means investors from those countries are more likely to invest and spend their money in Alhambra. Furthermore, it means we have a lot of choice as to who we can choose to bank with. Ultimately, we benefit by having banks decide to locate here.

    And, while I take issue with Wells Fargo for some of its business practices and its too-big-to-fail status, I think it is wonderful to hear Wells Fargo is upgrading and expanding its presence in Alhambra and intends to better serve its customer base here.

    Personally, I’m more interested in the plans for Alhambra Place. Does anyone know how much it sold for?

  9. Just what we need in Alhambra – another WFB!

    1. @ Charles Pevey,

      So I guess WFB isn’t your cup of tea. Well, I hope you like Chase because its been weeks since they have been building a Chase branch on Valley Blvd and Atlantic. I think this development is much better than the Mobile gas station that it replaced.

      I agree with Dan Bednarski on this one. More banks are much better than liquor stores and only prove that Alhambra has more commerce than other people think.

  10. OMG! No more driving to Tustin for GEN!

  11. Great – that’s all we need another bank. Has anyone ever counted how many banks there are on Valley between Fremont and New? I have and its too many! Why so many banks?

    I don’t think it brings money into the city of Alhambra – if it does, where does it go?

  12. If a new Wells Fargo will be opened on Hidalgo, then I guess at least one of the two nearby branches, on Chapel and inside Ralphs on Main, may be closed.

  13. This is really good news. The transformation of Main Street continues.

  14. Yes! AYCE BBQ right across the street from my house. Time to pack on the pounds. Winters coming anyways.