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Alhambra one step closer to adopting new ordinance on animal ownership

City council voted in favor Monday a new ordinance that will change restrictions on animal ownership in Alhambra. These restrictions stem from Title 10 of the Los Angeles County code. The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control, which deals with animal control in Alhambra, has recommended that the city adopt Title 10 to give the department's officers “full authority to enforce the provisions,” according to city documents.
Alhambra city staff made a number of amendments to Title 10 before it was submitted to the council for approval. While the Los Angeles County code allows for five cats and three dogs per household, Alhambra will keep its current rule of allowing four cats and two dogs. And while the county requires that all dogs over four months old to be spayed or neutered, Alhambra will require dogs over six months old to be spayed or neutered.
According to Director of Administrative Services Chris Paulson, city staff had consulted with veterinarians about the decision to raise the age mark from four months to six months.
“The consensus among these veterinarians is that six months would be a more appropriate age,” said Paulson.
Service dogs, however, will be exempt from being spayed or neutered.
The new code will also require that all dogs in Alhambra be microchipped. Currently, Alhambra’s municipal code does not require dogs to be microchipped, nor does it require for dogs to be spayed or neutered.
A couple residents at Monday’s council meeting questioned the city’s decision to work with The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control. Resident Lola Armendariz noted that Alhambra is being served by the department’s Downey office, making it harder for local residents to get serviced in a timely fashion. “I recently spoke with someone, and I think they were going on their fifth day of waiting for a dead animal to be picked up,” said Armendariz.
According to Police Chief Mark Yokoyama, Alhambra had looked into working with animal control services that are closer in proximity, but the Pasadena Humane Society was unable to handle the volume of calls from Alhambra, and the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society asked for a contract that was “significantly higher” than the cost for The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control. 
The ordinance has not been adopted yet. Council will have to vote again at a second hearing scheduled for Nov 9 before the codes will go into effect. 
For questions regarding animal control in Alhambra, you can contact The County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control’s website, or call them at (562) 940-6898.

5 thoughts on “Alhambra one step closer to adopting new ordinance on animal ownership”

  1. Don’t worry about any new ordinance this city council approves. In the end there will be no enforcement of it. Similar to the ordanance they approved to stop garbage pickers from picking through the blue trash barrel. The city council members are only trying to justify there jobs when enacting ordanance.

  2. There needs to be a fine for people who let their pets poo on other people’s lawn and or property without eating or picking it up themselves. The owner of the pets should eat that poo if they don’t intend to pick it up. Tired of lazy, selfish, and mindless people who let their pets out to destroyed other’s property.

  3. Good for Alhambra. Maybe if so many people didn’t have numerous pets pick-up times for dead animals would be faster, just saying. Although there are many responsible pet-owners it’s the bad ones who screw it up for everyone else.

  4. Why Alhambra lawmakers always make it hard for their residents? More taxes, more money, more fees, etc.

    They don’t try to be part of the solution, instead to be part of the problem. Dog lovers can’t adopt to help the overcrowding animal shelter, if they already have 2 dogs. This number should be raised to match with the county, but apparently we have ANIMAL HATERS as our lawmakers.

  5. Yes I agree with Ms Armendariz about the Downey facility being too far and not serving Alhambra properly. I had to take a lost dog to their facility; long trip, too much traffic – better not to ask for help from them (Downey facility), just bury remains of dead pets in our back yards, or simply abandon unwanted pets…to difficult dealing with L.A. County facilities. Why doesn’t Alhambra make contract with Pasadena Humane Society; they are the best!

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