Alhambra joining LA's hot dog revival? Dog Haus comes to Main Street

Hot dogs are hip again, according to a recent LA Times article. For Alhambra that means Baja Fresh is out, and Dog Haus is in. The Pasadena-based restaurant, which opened last year, will expand to its third branch in Alhambra at 412 E. Main Street.

But while hot dogs might be having a revival, don't expect your standard Dodger Dog. At Dog Haus these are all-beef dogs that come with a sweet King's Hawaiian roll and tater tots on the side. Here's what LA Weekly food critic Jonathan Gold has to say about these frankfurters:

The hot dogs are a thick, long quarter-pound each, the sausages even bigger, and you are likely to find yourself dining on something like grilled andouille with hot peppers and onions, or even the "Fonz": chunks of pastrami annealed to an Italian sausage with industrial quantities of melted mozzarella cheese, a sandwich that demands to be regarded with respect.

Dog Haus' owners credtit their rapid expansion, and that of hot dogs revived popularity, to bad financial times. "In this economy, people want to go back to their roots and have fun," an owner of the company, Andre Vener. told the Times. At their two existing restaurants in Pasadena, you can get a full meal and soda for under $10."It's not hard to sell anybody on hot dogs or hamburgers," one of Vener's two partners Hagop Giragossian told the Times. "They've got that street-food-fun vibe."

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  1. great food–exciting, fresh concept–a wiener-oops-winner

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