Alhambra honors local veterans

Alhambra city officials along with American Legion Post 139 hosted Monday a Veterans Day ceremony at Alhambra Park, honoring veterans and those who continue to serve in the United States armed forces. The ceremony included salutes and speeches from Alhambra Mayor Steven Placido, California Assemblyman Ed Chau, and members of the American Legion.

Placido addressed the event’s attendees — which included Alhambra Fire Chief Bill Walker, Alhambra Police Chief Mark Yokoyama, American Legion Post Commander Joe Duran, and members of the Alhambra City Council — and thanked veterans for their service during the ceremony. “We recognize that all our veterans have given themselves to this country, putting their lives to defend the freedom that we hold dear,” Placido said.

Retired Sgt. 1st Class Lorenzo Dominguez attended Monday's ceremony to honor those who served before him. “Being a member of the U.S. armed forces for almost 30 years, I give back this way, commemorating the guys who were in front of me, thanking them for what I’ve got,” said the Temple City resident and American Legion Post 139 member. “And everybody behind me thanks me.”

Chau also took the podium during the ceremony, encouraging everyone to assist veterans who suffer from homelessness, poverty, and mental illness after returning from service. “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but California is also home to 25 percent of the nation’s homeless veterans,” Chau said. “Folks, we must continue these efforts and I look forward to making California a better place for us to live.”

Alhambra resident Brunie Chavez agreed with Chau. “I think I live in the greatest country in the world and we have an armed force that is prepared to go anywhere in the world,” Chavez said. “It’s very important that we recognize these men and women and as they serve, if they become injured, that we provide appropriate medical care for them, housing for them if they become wounded, and that we take care of them in their old age.”

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