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Alhambra High School assistant principal resigns following sexual abuse allegations *Updated

Updated 9:30pm

The alleged sexual abuse victim of a former Alhambra High School assistant principal said Monday that she would seek legal action, the Los Angeles Times reports

“She told me that my family didn’t love me," the alleged victim — who identified herself as Jamie X — said at a press conference at AHS, describing abuse that lasted many years until she graduated from high school, according to the Times. "That nobody cared about me, that she was my only friend and the only person who cared about me.” 

Jamie X posted Friday a video on YouTube where she confronted the assistant principal she claims is her former teacher and asks why she sexually abused her. Later on Friday AHS assistant principal of student services, Andrea Cardosa, resigned.

By Monday evening, the video had more than 200,000 views.

Jamie X also posted Sunday a statement on YouTube saying that she would pursue legal action and that police said they would investigate. "Making this video and posting it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I gave an interview to the police department and have contacted the news with my story so that I can get it out there and more people can see…. maybe there are more people who were abused by her," she wrote. "Years of silence have consumed me….. I will not be silent anymore. Justice will be served."

Jamie's attorney, David Ring, told the Times that the administrator had formerly been investigated by school and law enforcement authories, but no action was taken against her. He said that Jamie is considering a lawsuit against the districts that hired the teacher. AUSD Superintendant Laura Tellez-Gagliano said they received stellar recommendations about the teacher and performed a background check.

Posted 12:00pm

An Alhambra High School assistant principal resigned Friday after a former student posted a video on YouTube alleging that the administrator sexually abused her for years, starting at age 12.

"The Alhambra High School administrator was interviewed on Jan. 17, 2014, and at the conclusion of that interview the Alhambra High School administrator, who had only worked in the Alhambra District for less than 4 months, tendered her resignation," said a written statement from AHS Principal Duane Russell.

The alleged acts of sexual abuse took place in another school district and no AHS students have come forward with allegations, the statement said.
A 28-year-old woman under the username Jamie X posted Friday a YouTube video of what appears to be a phone call with AHS Assistant Principal Andrea Cardosa, during which she confronts Cardosa about their alleged sexual relationship. The woman claims that the administrator, who has not been identified by the Alhambra Unified School District or the Alhambra Police Department, abused her while she was her middle school teacher at Chemawa Middle School in Riverside. The woman on the phone did not deny the allegations.
School administrators received Friday an email with a link to the video and immediately forwarded the link to the Alhambra Police Department, according to Alhambra PD Sgt. Jerry Johnson. After a preliminary investigation, Alhambra police turned the case over to investigators in Riverside and San Bernardino counties, where the alleged acts took place.
Any parent or community members who would like to know more can contact the office of Dr. Laurel Bear, director of Student Services/Gateway to Success, at (626) 943-3411.

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