Alhambra High fires entire football coaching staff

The entire football coaching staff at Alhambra High School was dismissed late Tuesday after providing several players with nutritional supplements, Pasadena Star-News reports. Fired head coach Chuck Leonardis told the Star-News that seven players from his team inquired about a nutritional supplement containing Creatine, a muscle-building chemical. Leonardis says his staff provided them with the supplement but did not recommend its use.

"We had the kids talk to their parents. It's a legal over-the-counter supplement and we did not break any school rules,” Leonardis told the Star News. "We wanted to stay. We brought it to their attention. We didn't hide anything."

Alhambra Unified School District coaches are not allowed to buy products by proxy for players, and per California Interscholastic Federation rules, can only provide non-muscle building nutritional supplements, the Star-News reports. 

Read the full story from the Pasadena Star-News.

2 thoughts on “Alhambra High fires entire football coaching staff”

  1. Alhambra HS Parent

    It is a shame but, he had no business selling stuff like that to students, if they could have gotten it legally somewhere else, then they should have done that. It’s a conflict of interest to have coaches peddling vitamins or any performance enhancing supplements to their teams.

  2. The teens could have bought these supplements themselves. What a shame.

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