Alhambra High brings back $5000 in financial skills competition win

Two Alhambra High School students were honored at Monday's City Council meeting for winning a district-wide financial literacy academic decathalon. Wells Fargo provided $5,000 to the high school. Philip Tam said that "it was kind of ironic that an economics decathalon would come up" because he wants to receive an undergraduate degree in economics. "I hope to get into an Ivy League school like everyone else in my grade," he told the City Council. "In the end I’d like to pursue public law and most likely defense law." The other winner, Raymond Dam, says he wants to major in business administration and his "dream job would be to work at Apple computers." Both students are members of the school's debate team which is ranked ninth in California.

Next year, since Alhambra High students won, the decathalon will take place in Alhambra, according to an aid for Assemblyman Mike Eng.

family members of the winning students take pictures

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