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Alhambra helps promote Chinese sister city, the "Oriental Hawaii"

Alhambra-Sanya Sister City Association (阿罕布拉-三亞姐妹城市協會) recently held an exibition in Alhambra to promote tourism to Sanya, China Press (僑報) reports.

Sanya, a tropical coastal city located in southern China, has been Alhambra’s sister city for 18 years. Known as the “oriental Hawaii” for its ocean, beaches, rainforests, and hot springs, Sanya’s tourism has grown rapidly in recent years.

China Daily has reported that Councilman Stephen Sham "was planning to visit Sanya in the near future to promote collaboration between the two cities in next year's Rose Parade, a traditional way to celebrate New Year's Day in the US that started in 1890." The city's 2011 Rose Bowl Float, "East meets West" celebrated Alhambra's relationship with its sister city Rizhao, which provided additional funding for the float. Councilman Sham told the Alhambra Source that he had visited Sanya in the past, but there were no plans for a future Rose Bowl float. 

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