Alhambra grandmother wins $9 million lotto ticket

Audelia Ramirez, 73, won $9 million betting on her eight grandchildren's birthdays, lottery officials announced Thursday.

Ramirez, a retiree and mother of six and grandmother of eight, purchased her ticket at Superior Super Warehouse in Pico Rivera, using the dates of her grandchildren’s birthdays.  Ramirez won half of the $18 million SuperLotto Plus jackpot; the other half of the prize from a winning ticket sold at Junior Liquor in San Diego has yet to be claimed.

Ramirez, who has lived in a small Alhambra apartment, told lottery officials that she would love to buy a house with the winnings. She didn't reveal if that house would also be located in Alhambra.

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  1. While the money is fresh, she can help make Alhambra Source even more sustainable! 😛

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