Alhambra gallery hosts tributes to fantasy tales "Edward Scissorhands" and "Adventure Time"

Growing up is so passé. Gallery Nucleus understands this as the host of not one, but two exhibits concerned with fantasy. One show paid tribute to the 20th anniversary of the movie "Edward Scissorhands", and the other spotlighted Cartoon Network’s offbeat show about a magical dog, "Adventure Time."

In the corner of Edward Scissorhands was curator Sebastien Mesnard, who showcased paintings, sculptures and a great deal of art inspired by Tim Burton’s 1990 cult-classic film from an international roster of artists. “This movie means a lot to me, it means a lot to many people,” said Mesnard who was also a featured artist in the show.

Fans of "Adventure Time" dominated the evening — some sporting full costumes and only responded to the names of characters from the cartoon. There was a perpetual crowd milling about show creator Pendleton Ward, who was more than happy to sign everyone’s posters, boots or whatever else they offered up to joyful man in plaid. A fan dressed as a donut asked for, and got, a hug from Ward. Some of the show’s animators and voice actors were on hand as well. There was a limited edition poster for sale, but that went fast.

Adventure Time: A Look Behind the Land of Ooo is at Gallery Nucleus through May 6. Edward Scissorhands 20th Anniversary Tribute Show goes through May 9.

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