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Alhambra fireworks for a cause

Alhambra fireworks stands are required to support nonprofit groups. The booths contribute to a wide variety of causes, from youth ministry to rotary to the high school wrestling team. We spoke to local fireworks vendors to find out more about their organizations – and where the money from the explosives sales goes.

Below is an interactive map and chart of Alhambra's firework stands, all of which will remain open until Wednesday, July 4th.

Alhambra HS Athletics/Wrestling

409 South Atlantic Blvd.

Alhambra Track & Field Booster

300 West Main St

San Gabriel Matador Boosters

2400 West Commonwealth Ave

All Souls Youth Ministry

1500 West Main St

Alhambra High School Moor Band

2810 West Alhambra Rd

Alhambra Thunderbird Football

1421 East Valley Blvd

Knights of Columbus – Alhambra

2990 West Valley Blvd

Alhambra American Little League

2500-2520 West Hellman Ave

East Alhambra Little League

2500-2588 West Commonwealth Ave

A.Y.S.O. Region #60

707 West Main St

American Legion #139 Auxiliary

3116 West Main St.

American Legion Post #139

2140 South Fremont Ave.

San Gabriel H.S. Baseball

1200 S. Garfield

Alhambra Rotary Club

701 East Main Street

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3 thoughts on “Alhambra fireworks for a cause”

  1. Alhambra has not banned fireworks yet! If residents like th event, then it is time to stand up and show the council you like them and want them to continue. Don’t let one or two loud people who talk in council members ears make your decision for you. Stand up and be counted and show the city we want to keep our fireworks and we want our non-profits to continue the work they do.

  2. It sucks knowing that this is the last year that fireworks will be legal in Alhambra! The 4th of July’s will never be the same in this city! What a SHAME!

    1. @Charles: There has been some discussion about banning fireworks, though the city hasn't actually made any decisions about this. So fireworks are safe for the moment!

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