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Alhambra driver warns dog walker of a nearby coyote — and a map of more spottings

Local residents have spotted coyotes recently in Alhambra and surrounding areas — again.

Aaron Tanaka was walking his dogs Thursday morning on North Curtis Avenue and Alhambra Road in Alhambra when a car slowed to talk to him. "A [driver] stops to inform me that a coyote is coming and it 'had a cat,'" Tanaka wrote in an email to Alhambra Source. "I would like to thank this friendly citizen. I looked down the street in the direction she was saying and sure enough, I saw it coming down the street. Very scary!"

Below is a map of reported coyote sightings. The red icons represent spottings within the last six months.

Have you spotted a coyote in Alhambra recently? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us at editor@alhambrasource.org.

2 thoughts on “Alhambra driver warns dog walker of a nearby coyote — and a map of more spottings”

  1. 8/8/15 Coyote sighting 9:40 pm on Walnut Grove Ave, between Fern and Garvey.

  2. Coyotes ? I saw a Red Fox just above Main, once … The weather conditions cause wildlife to move to lower altitudes — translated HERE : We actually are an artificially hydrated desert — our local wildlife has always been in the mountains predominantly. When they seek ‘greener pastures’ it is into the valleys. Having worked at JPL I met up face-2-face with easily over a hundred deer, and had to worry about 3 of them killed during my walking in their presence — since each was finished in a different manner, 3 Different Mountain Lions were involved, possibly a mom with her young. But I also remember when Monterey Park offered a BOUNTY for dead Sewer Rats ! 🙂

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