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Alhambra City Council and School Board candidates *Updated

Most Alhambra incumbents up for re-election in November will automatically be re-elected because of a lack of challengers — only two of five incumbents will likely face challengers. For City Council, Elizabeth Salinas, an attorney, has announced intention to challenge Councilman Steven Placido, a dentist. Councilman Gary Yamauchi, a businessman, will automatically be re-elected for a third term.

For the Board of Education, Rudy Meza has submitted an intention to challenge Board Member Patricia Rodriguez-Mackintosh. Two other Board Members, Adele Andrade-Stradler and Jane Anderson, will automatically be reelected.

The election was canceled two years ago as there were no other candidates running against the three incumbent City Council members.

Why do you think so few people run for office in Alhambra? Take our survey.

Why do you think more people don’t run in Alhambra’s general elections?

The city is divided up into five Council Districts, which you can view on the map below. Elections are open to any resident registered to vote in Alhambra, regardless of his or her district.

Here is a full list of the individuals that have filed declarations of intention for the 2012 General Municipal Election:

City of Alhambra

Councilperson of the Third District, full term:

Gary Yamauchi (Incumbent)

Councilperson of the Fourth District, full term:

Steven Placido, DDS (Incumbent)

Elizabeth Salinas

Alhambra Unified School District Board of Education

Member of the First Nominating District, full term:

Adele Andrade-Stradler (Incumbent)

Member of the Second Nominating District, full term:

Jane Anderson (Incumbent)

Member of the Third Nominating District, full term:

Patricia Rodriguez-Mackintosh (Incumbent)

Rudy Meza

*This post was updated to reflect the fact people have only filed Declarations of Intention to become candidates per the City’s Charter requirements. They are not officially candidates at this point.

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9 thoughts on “Alhambra City Council and School Board candidates *Updated”

  1. The survey on “Why do you think more people don’t run in Alhambra’s general elections?” should’ve been its own article.

    If you want to hear a succinct and hard-hitting reason why there is so much apathy in this town, listen to this Alhambra resident (at 112:02) address City Council at their 7/9/12 meeting:


  2. I agree that the Chamber of Commerce controls elections in this city. 2008. Placido wins the Chamber’s “Citizen of the Year” award and gets a full-page congratulations as in the October issue, right before the election. 2010: no one is running opposed and no one wins an award.

    Sham wins (surprise) Business of the Year award and Paulson wins an award. They all win and get full-page ads the month before the election.

    Business is important to this city. The dishonesty and lack of the integrity of the Chamber of Commerce are not.

  3. Elizabeth,
    I support you for running for council. We have had the same “good ole boys” running time after time. Placido has not supported the Midwick neighborhood in their fight against the massive development on Fremont. Having just one council member that is not part of the Chamber network just might bring to light some of the backroom deals that are taking place with developers at the expense of our quality of life here in Alhambra. Placido has a large war chest for his campaign and it will be difficult. However,there are many Alhambra voters that are fed up with the overdevelopment, lack of green space and traffic and hopefully they will vote for you. Good luck.

  4. Elizabeth Salinas

    I am running for City Council-4th District because I believe we need someone who will be the voice of the residents, homeowners and tenants alike. While I understand that business entities are very important to the overall health of the city, it is the average resident and the pride he or she takes in their home and neighborhoods, which makes Alhambra a great place to live.

    I would like to see Alhambra’s parks better maintained, longer swim hours and pool availability year round, and preservation of our historic neighborhoods.

    Please vote for me, Elizabeth Salinas, to be your next City Council person.

  5. It's hard to break into this city.

  6. People just don't like politics..

  7. The Chamber controls the selection of candidates.

  8. People are not aware that they can run too.

  9. Elizabeth Hsing-Huei Chou


    Alhambra is a charter city, so the rules are often a little different from a general law city, which is the default. They are more like larger cities, such as Pasadena and Los Angeles, or like Vernon and Bell, both of which also switched to a charter format so they can set some of their own rules for doing things. I'm not sure if that does make a difference… 

    Is there enough communication, dialogue going on between council-members and the community?

    A lot of city council business is extremely boring to wade through, but I know people could care (and feel empowered) if it was given to us in a quick, digestible way… 

    Editing my comment to add: I'm curious what effect the council district system has on whether people run for council or not. I just looked up my district's council person so now I know who to call when I've got an issue! (the city website should have one of those automated, punch your address and find out your representative type things!)

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