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Alhambra Beyond Cars holds first meeting

Alhambra Beyond Cars (ABC) held its first meeting on Thursday, May 19th, in its effort to open a city-wide conversation on transportation issues. The diverse group of 15 attendees shared one common goal: to advocate for environmentally-friendly solutions in an ever-growing city. The meeting was at the residence of my co-founder of the organization, James Rojas, a city planner who worked with Metro for more than a decade.

Many championed a more biking-friendly city, starting with implementing Alhambra's first bike lane. Extending public transportation was an issue, with attendees noting that friends could not make it to the meeting because the working hours of the Alhambra Community Transit (ACT) bus ended at 5:00 PM. Pedestrian safety was another concern, with senior citizens stating that pedestrian cross lights in Alhambra were too short in time length for them make it across the street. Others went so far as to suggest a comprehensive transportation plan that would eliminate the need for cars completely.

The discussion moved from issues seen in the city to suggesting practical strategies needed in order to address them. There was also mention of spreading awareness of ABC to those who are not connected to the Internet, or those whose first language is not English.

We intend to take suggestions raised at the first meeting and develop small and practical projects to tackle in the short-term. ABC will continue to raise awareness of its existence to include all that are interested in a sustaniable future for Alhambra. 

If you are interested in getting involved email alhambrabeyondcars@gmail.com or join us on Facebook, Google Groups, Twitter, and YouTube!

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