Alhambra art walk debuts

Scores of Alhambra residents came out on Friday night for the first of a monthly series of art walks. The event — where local artists, musicians, and vendors display their skills and wares at the intersection of Garfield Avenue and Main Street — was still far from the scale of developed ones in Downtown Los Angeles or Venice, but it got a nice bump due to the debut of the Avengers movie at the Edwards Theater.  

Friday night's artistic line up included live painting, colorful car hoods, hand crocheted scarves and more.  Alhambra Source was also out silkscreening our t-shirts and creating a mural. (Conspicuously missing, though, was Main Street's Gallery Nucleus.)

The food trucks of the other art walks were not there yet, but Menchie's ice cream was popular and benefits supported Fremont Elementary. Proceeds of the art walk go to the entertainment fund to support other events such as the summer cultural series, the "Hot Spot" and Hallowscreem. The next art walk will be Friday, June 1. 

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