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Alhambra appoints Jackie Gomez-Whiteley as interim police chief

The Alhambra City Council voted this week to appoint Jackie Gomez-Whiteley as the City's interim police chief. She takes the post on Friday, July 1. 

Gomez-Whiteley is a 30-year police veteran, spending most of her career with the Orange and Cypress police departments in Orange County. According to the Orange County Register, she became the first female municipal police chief in the county in 2011, when she was appointed as head of the Cypress Police Department. She retired from that post in 2015.

Gomez-Whiteley worked under Alhambra city manager Mark Yokoyama when he was Cypress' police chief. He told the City Council on Monday that he was bringing her on to help him find a permanent successor for the chief of police position at the Alhambra police department, a post that Yokoyama vacated in May to fill the city manager position.

"Jackie brings many years of experience, a great vision, community involvement and high level of integrity that will fit right in with the men and women of the Alhambra Police Department," Yokoyama told the Alhambra Source via email.

Addressing the City Council on Monday, Gomez-Whiteley said, "I’ve already met a number of staff and I can tell you that I’m very impressed at just the genuine nature and care and concern that they have about the community. I’m excited to be able to work with staff as we prepare the organization and the future for its full-time chief, so thank you for the opportunity."

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1 thought on “Alhambra appoints Jackie Gomez-Whiteley as interim police chief”

  1. Richard M Nieto

    Hmm seems as thought city manager Yokoyama is now trying to “stack the deck” with people who will be beholden to him. I’m hoping the city council starts reaching out to as many candidates as possible in order to hopefully chose a good chif; someone not beholden to Yokoyama…another small city mentality coming around.

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