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Alhambra acupuncturist on probation for using bee stingers

Xingsheng (Tom) Zhou, an acupuncturist based in Alhambra, is placed on a two-year probation for practicing bee sting therapy, after the California Acupuncture Board filed charges against him in July.

The state regulator found that Zhou’s bee sting therapy was beyond the scope of acupuncture and amounted to “unprofessional conduct.” Zhou is also charged with having an unregistered practice location, according to the Proposed Decision and Disciplinary Order adopted by the California Acupuncture Board.

A bee sting therapy poster on the door of Zhou's clinic

"I am disappointed that they don't think bee sting therapy is within an acupuncturist's scope of practice, which has been practiced in many Asian countries for centuries," Zhou said. He said he has helped many patients with arthritis, neurological diseases and other ailments.

The judge dismissed the other charges of “Gross Negligence” and “Repeated Negligent Acts" because of a lack of direct evidenceThe judge also reduced the fine against Zhou from $32,483 to $16,241.50.

"I respect the judge's decision and I believe he decided the case to the best of his ability," Zhou said.

Zhou is prohibited from performing bee sting therapy during the period of probation. He is allowed, however, to continue practicing acupuncture under several terms and conditions, such as submitting quarterly reports, complying with a probation surveillance program, and attending interviews with the Board. Zhou’s license will be fully restored upon successful completion of probation, according to the disciplinary order.

The interview is translated from Chinese

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